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wild young heart
Recent Entries 
11 17 17 - Here.
“This Sky”

Where we live
Is no place to lose your wings
So love, love
08 19 12 - 44 Sunsets
I don't want anyone else.
06 05 12 - Truth

Life is so hard. But I will survive it. I will. I will. 
01 09 12 - Periwinkle

As I grow older, I've started to realize that you gain more questions, but the answers that come get fewer and farther in between. There are issues that you have to face and situations that you're thrust into, but you just have to push yourself into the fray and hope you survive it well enough to learn something from it after you emerge. If you emerge.

My work at the moment is consistently being a game of tug-of-war. I pull, it pulls. At times when I feel like it's about to give, its spirit is renewed and it puts up a good fight. I don't know if it's worth it, but I'm no quitter. I will pull until the flag has crossed the line, or if it doesn't, at least I can't say that my skinned fingers and dirty knees were not worth it. 

At the moment I'm feeling very young and very empowered, but at the same time very vulnerable and scared. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm trying my best. All I can hope is that someday, hopefully, everything will all fall into place and it will be all right.

09 15 11 - Random Thought

When I get married, IF I'm able to afford an engagement shoot, the theme will be The Orange Girl. :)
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